Relaxing practice

Padmasana, July 2021

Padmasana, July 2021

It’s July and it’s so cold here. I almost trembled when I stepped on the mat. I kept my jacket on to keep myself warm. To switch on the heater on a day in July is over the top. It’s summer.

I started slowly and practiced only asanas that I like and that are easy for me. I breathed. I relaxed. I was rather long in sirsasana. After one hour I was through my tiny practice. That’s what is called a restorative practice, I thought.

I finished this hour on the mat with savasana. I didn’t omit my Friday practice. I worked with my exhaustion and the available energy. I was creative. The body got its dose of bending and stretching. The mind was focused.

In sum I’m very happy with the last week. Very intensive practices altered with lame ones.

It can be that I do the gravity training in the evening before bed time. Since I scarcely watch TV anymore, I found a lot of time that I can use in a better way than watching a boring TV program.

Do I have ideas for the next week?

Yes, I want to start filming. Pictures and films are excellent learning tools.

Enjoy the weekend.