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OpenAI Releases GLIDE: A Scaled-Down Text-to-Image Model That Rivals DALL-E Performance

An OpenAI research team proposes GLIDE (Guided Language-to-Image Diffusion for Generation and Editing) for high-quality synthetic image generation. Human evaluators prefer GLIDE samples over DALL-E’s, and the model size is much smaller (3.5 billion vs. 12 billion parameters).

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OpenAI Guards Its ML Model Code & Data to Thwart Malicious Usage

The San Francisco-based AI non-profit however has raised eyebrows in the research community with its unusual decision to not release the language model’s code and training dataset. In a statement sent to Synced, OpenAI explained the choice was made to prevent malicious use: “it’s clear that the ability to generate synthetic text that is conditioned on specific subjects has the potential for significant abuse.”