So spent


So spent!

On Saturday was my day off from yoga. The body needs this.

On Sunday we expected friends. In the morning I felt already dizzy and exhausted. I had blisters on my lips, so my feelings were not only phantasy. Something must have exhausted me. Instead of practicing I cleaned our home. This is so much easier than 90 minutes on the mat. Later we went downtown. My Fitbit watch showed over 20.000 steps in the evening.

Yesterday the same. I felt done, tired, incapable to do anything but walking around and sitting anywhere. I walked downtown to better the general low mood and energy. I ate in a vegan restaurant. That was it.

Today I feel heavy, too, but not that low in energy. It is as if I’m recovering, but from what? I will practice today, but I will take it easy.

Not always one can find a reason for such low energy days. I know I’m not lazy. These day one practice is over and I’m looking forward to the next one. My body obviously needed my available energy for whatever, but not for an exhausting yoga practice.

I sit here, sweating. I’m sipping cold water.

My yoga practice made me sensitive for what’s going on in my body. I trust in the self-healing potential of our bodies. We are no machines. Sometimes we’re strong, sometimes weak.

September challenge #levelrebel on Instagram


This asana combines back bending with balancing. One must concentrate, otherwise one falls out of the pose, which is not a big thing. It’s even funny to fall out of this pose. All these balancing asanas don’t allow the mind to wander around. Balancing asanas forces to be in the present. Even breathing helps to balance and also gazing at one point. I forgot that everything becomes more stable when the pelvis floor and the abdomen are engaged.

It was so difficult to do the pose that I first tried an easier version:


Tomorrow I’ll practice primary. I give yoga priority again. It’s so easy to be busy all day long. One must become stubborn, obsessed and also a bit egoistic. Asana practice first. Point.

So many variations of asanas exist


Since a week I’ve a membership of the Sivananda yoga studio here. I love the structure of the classes. In the beginning the students are led through two different pranayama exercises: kapalapati and alternate nostril breathing.

After the sun salutations, which are different to those practiced in Ashtanga yoga, asanas are exercised. They have about 12 basic asanas, yet the teacher usually add variations.

In the picture is a variation of purvottanasana. The fingers of the hands point outwards. This makes the asana easier. In Ashtanga yoga the finger usually point forwards. To lift one leg can be an exhausting experience. Each variation is different. No one is easy.

In addition I joint again a September challenge on Instagram curated by @cyogalife. It’s called #levelrebel. It’s interesting to try new asanas. This deepens the understanding of asanas. One remains explorative.

There is a yoga community outside the Ashtanga world. It’s worth to explore what others do…..