Hello, my name is Ursula.

I practice yoga since I was twenty. In the last 5 decades I had the opportunity to study different yoga styles: Sivananda yoga, Jivamukti yoga, Iyengar yoga. I leaned something from each style. The Sivananda yoga teacher taught me handstand within 30 minutes. All classes start or end with pranayama. I love the approach to yoga of the Jivamukti yoga style, founded by Americans. They recommend a vegan life style. From Iyengar yoga I learned how to integrate props. The correct execution of the asanas can be learned from this yoga style.

In 2006 I discovered Ashtanga yoga. This style became my favorite yoga style. It fits to my energy level. I love the dynamic of this practice due to the vinyasas. In 2008 I traveled to India to practice at the main shala of Ashtanga yoga. My teacher there was Sarasvati. I loved her teaching style, which shows a lot of experience and understanding. I practice mainly at home these days, which I consider as a goal. Yoga becomes part of the own life if one is able to practice also alone. My blog complements my yoga practice with all it’s ups and downs. It’s a place of public reflection on my yoga journey. Perhaps other practitioners face the same challenges and joys as I do. Be part of this journey. You’re welcomed to share your experiences in the comments.

Be inspired. Be entertained.